Re: [Gimp-developer] Minor enhancements in the export dialog

On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 8:46 PM, Richard Gitschlag
<strata_ranger hotmail com> wrote:
> So then the issue is that out of that priority chain none of steps 1 thru 3
> are saved between GIMP sessions.  (Okay, step 1 and 2 can't, as they're
> image-specific, but step 3...) If you simply start GIMP up and select the
> Export command, the default extension is PNG when that may not be desired.
> And the suggestion is for a slightly expanded priority chain:
> 1 - Last export of current image
> 2 - Extension of current imported image
> 3 - Last export of any image
> 4 - User preferences setting
> 5 - PNG if all else fails

This seems quite reasonable -  different workflows/uses need a
different default. PNG makes sense for a web designer, but not for a
photographer/photomanipulator or painter who preffer to export to JPG
or for game texture artist who needs to export in a specific third
rather esoteric format.

Im ambvalent tho between a user set default and just carring the last
export over sessions. Both have pros and cons. Set default is good if
you have one area of use and preffered format for that, but it's very
unflexible if you do both web design and photography in bouts. On the
other hand, it will only matter if you have closed GIMP totally,
meaning you are starting a new session anyway that has no relation to
the last, so carrying over the last exported format may hinder rather
than help and set default may work better...

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