[Gimp-developer] Minor enhancements in the export dialog

We've been discussing in the spanish-speaking libre graphics community about the save vs. export debate, and even though the discussion ended up polarized between new and old behavior backers like here, a couple of interesting comments emerged.

This is what I noted:
Several users seem to miss the default "by extension" option in the export dialog. They tend to use the dropdown to select the output format. This is perceived as a tedious extra step "I have to use a different option (export) then I have to find the proper format". Once they learn about that feature it is very well received, so probably adding a more obvious description to that option could be useful.

"by extension (the extension in the filename will be used to choose the export format)"

I think there's enough room in the dialog to add that and that would make the feature more obvious. I'm aware that this feature isn't new and it was exactly the same in 2.6, but several people seem to have missed it.

The other thing is about remembering the output format selected through sessions. GIMP remembers the last format used for export in the same session, but as soon as you close GIMP it will be forgotten and the default PNG is used. For people who process mostly JPGs from a digital camera, for instance, having to change to jpg on every session can be tedious. If GIMP remembered the last format used (or at least offer that option) those people would perceive the export dialog as more useful and they'd probably change their mind about the overall value of the distinction between save and export.


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