Re: [Gimp-developer] Exported-but-not-saved prompt

Am 20.11.2012 00:13, schrieb Simon Budig:
In fact *because* we're dealing with lots of graphical elements we have to avoid distracting from the image the artist is working on. We had requests for a grayscale icon theme in the past, I wouldn't be surprised if too much icon clutter would impact the usability badly. Bye, Simon

Yes, I understand that distraction should be avoided. However, there are many great ways to design non-distracting graphical UIs. A grayscale icon theme could be one part of such an interface, further alterations can tone down distractions while increasing usability by using more graphical elements, not less.

To get back to the original case: the prompt pops up when the artist tries to close an unsaved image. He has therefore already decided to end his work on the image, what flow is there left to disrupt?
concerning the icon clutter: The file menu is actually so full of icons already that the lack of icons in the export-section is a stronger disruption than the presence of icons in the other sections is. I'd assume the effect is related to the "rivers of white" one can get when using the "filled" text-alignment.

Nonetheless, thanks a lot everyone for your great work, GIMP most certainly has come a long way because of you.


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