Re: [Gimp-developer] Feedback and personal comments about Gimp 2.8

Hi Alexia.

I'm providing feedback on a particular issue I had raised earlier.

--- En date de : Ven 3.8.12, Alexia Death <alexiadeath gmail com> a écrit :

> >III.1. Tablet-specifics, Pen/Eraser consistency
> > First thing I noticed in 2.8 is that I now need to select the eraser tool
> > when I flip my pen to use the eraser. I didn't have to do that in 2.6.
> Your tablet is not recognized or set up right then. On gimp side, if
> pen and eraser are reported as separate devices, they can have
> separate tools. Just tested it on my system(linux, wacom tablet) It
> works.

I've checked my two tablets, Cintiq 22HD and Bamboo Fun Pen & Touch and the same issue happens in Gimp 2.8 with both tablets. Upon starting Gimp 2.8 and the first time I flip the pen to the eraser I have to manually select the eraser tool (either with the keyboard or with the toolbox icon). Both my tablets are enabled in Gimp 2.6 and 2.8. They're both recognized by the operating system (Gentoo Linux) and Gimp; they work properly. In Gimp 2.6 flipping the stylus for the eraser automatically switched to the eraser tool.

In Gimp 2.8 the airbrush is selected by default for the eraser. Selecting the eraser tool manually is kept until I close Gimp. I have Gimp 2.8.2 at the time of writing this. All three (stylus, eraser and pad) are enabled, mode "screen" in both cases (Bamboo and Cintiq) and in both versions of Gimp.

Shall I file a bug?

Best regards,
Vince C.

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