Re: [Gimp-developer] Overlay Mode - fix.

Am 15.11.2012 23:28, schrieb gespertino gmail com:
> Apparently we're in a transition period and everything points to
> linear for the future, so it's quite possible that blending in sRGB
> ends up as "legacy" anyway.

another take on the topic:

The need for more experimentation/evaluation has been pointed out,
so what about using an interim version for experimentation, and
discuss the final approach again when more experience is available?

In that case, i'd propose:

  - compatibility modes are named like "Normal (NL)"
  - these are only selectable from the layers dialog
  - the blend modes pop-up has a button to show/hide non-linear modes
  - non-linear modes are displayed in a second column with short-name "(NL)", e.g. like
  - selection via mouse-wheel does not change the column
  - no need for fancy notifications when opening XCFs which contain non-linear blend modes
  - a script can convert all modes between linear<->non-linear in one fell swoop

just thinking aloud,

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