Re: [Gimp-developer] Overlay Mode - fix.

Am 14.11.2012 14:50, schrieb Guillermo Espertino (Gez):
> I think that a checkbox in the layers panel would be more elegant and 
> less of a clutter than adding "legacy blending modes" to the available 
> blending modes.
Ahh, i see, so we're not so much inline as i previously thought :)

A bit of visual clutter: yes. But i'm confident that this first shot can be improved:  *)

In contrast: yet another checkbox adds yet another application state that
the user has to memorize.

> I was thinking about adding it along with the lock buttons. A checkbox 
> labeled "legacy mode" that adds the needed gamma correction nodes to all 
> the layers and replaces the new overlay for soft-light is all that we need.
> I can't see a reason for having legacy blending modes co-existing with 
> native. 

A good reason for co-existence is that all the new blending goodness will
be available when touching up/building upon prior work.

A global switch between old/new blending characteristics might also turn into
conflicts with future developments. With co-existance, we're on the safe
side in that regard.

In the latter case, we're only talking about when the legacy modes show up
in the UI. With a global switch, we would be be putting constraints on the

> The legacy mode should be only for compatibility.
> Users should always use the native mode and only use legacy for the very 
> specific cases when old files need to be opened and their appearance has 
> to match with other old files.
here we agree

> For artistic purposes, the appearance of the old blending modes should 
> be replicated using different tools (probably adjustment layers in the 
> future. The non-destructive workflow proposed by Peter should provide 
> all the needed tools for that).
i believe so, too

> There's an extra use case where legacy mode could be useful, and it's 
> working for web mockups. As far as I could see, and the last time I 
> asked pippin about this he said the same, since web browsers blend RGBA 
> images in gamma-corrected space, it's necessary to design web mockups 
> with gamma-corrected alpha overs to match the web appearance.
> Currently only alpha-overs are affected, but the web is getting blending 
> modes soon in CSS, and apparently they will be also blended in sRGB space.

uhh, and "graphical elements of web pages" are covered by the product vision.
So we're not only talking about "legacy blend modes" but also about
"web blend modes".

This needs more thinking, but i'm already convinced that a global "web mode" switch
would play in the same league as an "8bit mode" switch. Possibly, we could use
a "web modes..." switch in the _blend mode list_ to toggle the visibility of the
additional blend modes.

best regards,

*) multiply mode indeed stays the same in linear light and "sRGB light". The others
   probably don't. The color transfer modes change to CIE LCH as per #325564.

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