Re: [Gimp-developer] Overlay Mode - fix.

2012/11/15 yahvuu <yahvuu gmail com>:
> Hi again,
> Am 14.11.2012 19:00, schrieb Guillermo Espertino (Gez):
>> b) support applications that still use blending in non-linear space. Web
>> browsers, for instance.
> how much support for 'web type' blending modes does GIMP really need?

It when you're making design mockups and when you're preparing the
assets for a design for the web.
But after reading further and, if I got it right, I found that there
is a property in the specs that allows to choose the space for
blending, and the newer blending and filter specs default to linear.
The old ones, however, default to sRGB blending (SVG filters for
instance) unless you explicitly change it to linear.

Apparently we're in a transition period and everything points to
linear for the future, so it's quite possible that blending in sRGB
ends up as "legacy" anyway.

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