Re: [Gimp-developer] Overlay Mode - fix.

All the legacy blending modes are funny, not just overlay. All of them need to be fixed.

Blending modes are arbitrary artistic things and there is no correct overlay formula. GIMP doesn't necessarily have to use the one in Wikipedia. Here's an interesting and thorough post in the GIMP developer list on this topic:

To start making new layer modes, somebody has to come up with a list of modes that are actually needed. And somebody has to come up with a way to include both legacy and new layer modes in the GUI (I think that was already covered in IRC).

On Mon, Nov 12, 2012 at 12:56 PM, Paul Geraskin <paul_geraskin mail ru> wrote:
Hi all again!

I did a fix for Gimp 2.9 Overlay Mode. Can you check it? - issue - my patch

The Overlay mode fully compatible with Krita, Photoshop, ORA, Painter.

The formula was taken from here:

Mitch said that it's possible to set "New Overlay" and remain "Legecy Overlay". And he said to talk to GEGL guys about this to get the implementation of new Overlay mode to Gimp 2.9/2.10.

Can you review my patch and implement it into the 2.9/2.10 release?

Also, you can experiment with my psd file for testing:

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