Re: [Gimp-developer] =?utf-8?q?Save/export=2C_option_to_go_back_to_ol?= =?utf-8?q?d_behaviour?=


> This huge discussion here is about a single dialog that warns you that
> you might lose work, which is dismissed easily.

Probably nothing in the world is more annoying than stupid pop-ups "are
you sure?" without even an option to turn them off. 
I believe that:
- in the case user loaded flat image
- no layers were applied OR image was flattened
- exported as any supported format -
the image SHOULD be marked as 'saved', no pop-ups appearing when
closing this window.
And please - do not recommend scripting. I'd better correct source and
start selling 'gimp with blackjack and whores'.

-- EV --

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