Re: [Gimp-developer] Save/export, option to go back to old behaviour

Robert Krawitz (rlk alum mit edu) wrote:
> You're throwing a gratuitous roadblock in the way of people who want to
> use it differently.

We've heard from quite a lot of people that they disliked this change
but still tried to adapt to it.

They did not necessary like it, but at least can live with it. In fact
it turns out that at least some of them really liked it in the end.

So the ton of work Peter Sikking did to come up with a conceptually
clear separation and sane shortcuts *did* benefit these people,
including some who not even describe themselves as professionals.

If we add an option people will get annoyed, find the option, restore
the old thing and *never* have the chance to benefit from the new

Yes, we *are* trying to change habits here, because we believe it will
be beneficial for all. This also is the reason for not providing a
shortcut from the save dialog telling you that you can't save to "jpg"
to the export dialog.

This huge discussion here is about a single dialog that warns you that
you might lose work, which is dismissed easily. And yet we constantly
hear that we destroy workflows, kill productivity, put roadblocks into
our users ways of working, disregard most of our userbase, want to drive
people away from gimp, eat babies and whatever.

To state that this is blown way out of proportion is understating it.


              simon budig de    

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