Re: [Gimp-developer] Poor Display-Performance of Gimp 2.8 on Windows

Am 21.05.2012 20:18, schrieb Kurt Pruenner:
On 21.05.12 19:45, Claus (Gimp-Devel-List) wrote:
Am 21.05.2012 17:54, schrieb Michael Schumacher: If this is the
color-management-related problem, then yes:

I disabled the view-filter for the colour-management (as "gfxuser"
described before), and it seems not to change anything.
Interestingly, on this machine (Vista 64Bit) I don't see lag with the
rectangular-selection-tool (compared to my Windows 7 64Bit machine at
home). But when I move (MMB) the image in the window, it still breaks
apart completely (like on my home machine). To give you an impression
what it looks like, I uploaded a screenshot of this issue onto my

  Any more things I can try on this one? Maybe the slow
rectangular-select-tool issue is only on Windows 7, and my problem
here is on all windows versions (also happened in XP 32Bit in

I reported the same thing for 2.8-RC1 on Windows (including a video of
the problem in action):

I just downloaded Jernej Simončič's windows build of 2.8.0-RC1 and found
that both on my tablet running Windows 7 with Intel HD3000 graphics as
well as on my desktop, also running Windows 7 but with an ATI Radeon
5870, panning around an image looks really weird once you pan too fast:

A screenshot doesn't really do it justice, though, so I've also made a
~30 second screen capture video:

I'm just holding down the middle mouse button and panning the 100%
zoomed image around.

The same thing also happened using one of Partha's recent 2.7.x builds.

Does anyone else get similar results? Panning in 2.6.x was smooth as
butter for me... :/

Should one of us go ahead and file a bug?

I'd love to hear, what Michael Schumacher says on this topic. If he thinks its helpfull, I will file a bug report.

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