Re: [Gimp-developer] Poor Display-Performance of Gimp 2.8 on Windows

> Von: "Claus (Gimp-Devel-List)" <bugzilla2 cb-computerservice at>

> Back to the problem above. Is there already a bugreport for this issue?

If this is the color-management-related problem, then yes:

> If this won't be fixed, or at least not in the near future, is there a
> chance, we get updated 2.6 builds? Primarily security fixes, but also the
> latest fix for the JPEG-Issue introduced in 2.6.12?

JPEG issue... is this the file size of 1.3GiB in the Export dialog (and everywhere else)?

This is a bug in Glib:
- once this has been fixed in a Glib release, it may not even need a new release of GIMP, although an updatede installer would make it easier to roll the change out to the users.


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