[Gimp-developer] Poor Display-Performance of Gimp 2.8 on Windows

Hello Gimp Developers,

First of all, thanks for your efforts in making Gimp better and better. I'm a longtime Gimp User, and really love the program.

I loved to read about all the new features, that 2.8 brings to the table. Nevertheless, I was disappointed a lot, after testing it for a few minutes. The Viewport/Display/Canvas (don't know what you call it) is soooo extremely slow, compared to 2.6. Some examples:

When using the Rectangular Select Tool, the redraw-rate of the selection is extremely slow compared to 2.6.

Even worse. When I move a image in the window with the MiddleMouseButton, then the image totally breaks apart.

After that, I stopped testing, but I'm sure there are other tools and Situations, where this issues occur.

I have already read, that there is not a single developer in your team, which uses windows as his/her development-environment. And that you even consider to stop the support for windows platform. I can understand that thinking. Windows users must seem like a big croud of parasites to you ;-) Well, sadly I'm too, one of the many windows users, who can't develop applications on them self. So I sadly cant contribute to The Gimp, with more then bugreports.

I don't want to drop oil into the fire, and I really hope, that support for windows will not be dropped.

Back to the problem above. Is there already a bugreport for this issue? Shall I create one? Or doesn't it make sense, cos there is no windows-developer that could look into it?

If this won't be fixed, or at least not in the near future, is there a chance, we get updated 2.6 builds? Primarily security fixes, but also the latest fix for the JPEG-Issue introduced in 2.6.12?


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