Re: [Gimp-developer] feature: Set exclusive layer visibility within groups

Richard Gitschlag wrote:
I have a little gripe about setting "exclusive visibility" (shift+click a layer's visibility icon) in an image. Now that we have layer groups in GIMP 2.8, it only functions on the "top level" of the layer stack -- it seems impossible to toggle exclusive visibility inside a group.

Since a layer group can itself be a complex combination of layers (apparently including other layer groups!), we should have some ability to toggle exclusive visibility with respect to other members in that group only.
You're right.

I'm also missing two other possibilities in changing layers' visibility:
1) Only one layer can be selected at one time. It can be useful to make just a few layers visible while hiding the others. Could it be made possible to multiselect layers? 2) Shift-clicking on a layers visibility icon toggles between the state of 'exclusive visibility' and the state 'all layers are visible', no matter whether all layers were visible before.
An example:
Layer L1 visible, L2 hidden, L3 hidden, L4 visible. Make L2 visible exclusively, shift-click on L2's eye again -> L1 to L4 will become visible, including L3 which was hidden before. It's annoying to set the previous visibility settings manually again, especially for users who have to handle a lot of layers. This should be changed to restore the previous visibility settings, for instance to the following state chain: Exclusive visibility -> Restore previous visibility -> Exclusive visibility ->..... A second state chain could be added, which resembles the current behaviour. Perhaps this could be bound to the Shift + double click on the layers eye.

Both chains can be complemented with the aforementioned 'visibility in groups' functionality: Exclusive visibility in group-> ... in the surrounding groups -> ... in the whole layer stack-> Restore previous visibility in the whole layer stack-> ... in the surrounding groups ->... in the current group -> Exclusive visibility in group->.....
Show exclusively in the whole layer stack -> Show all layers in the whole layer stack -> Show exclusively in the whole layer stack -> ...

Best regards,


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