Re: [Gimp-developer] Poor Display-Performance of Gimp 2.8 on Windows

Am 21.05.2012 17:54, schrieb Michael Schumacher:
If this is the color-management-related problem, then yes:

I disabled the view-filter for the colour-management (as "gfxuser" described before), and it seems not to change anything. Interestingly, on this machine (Vista 64Bit) I don't see lag with the rectangular-selection-tool (compared to my Windows 7 64Bit machine at home). But when I move (MMB) the image in the window, it still breaks apart completely (like on my home machine). To give you an impression what it looks like, I uploaded a screenshot of this issue onto my website:

Any more things I can try on this one? Maybe the slow rectangular-select-tool issue is only on Windows 7, and my problem here is on all windows versions (also happened in XP 32Bit in Virtualbox)?

JPEG issue... is this the file size of 1.3GiB in the Export dialog (and everywhere else)?

This is a bug in Glib:
- once this has been fixed in a Glib release, it may not even need a new release of GIMP, although an updatede installer would make it easier to roll the change out to the users.

Yes, that's what I'm talking about. So, if I got you right, there is no such fixed GLib at the moment? If yes, how can Partha have a fixed jpeg-filter.exe then?


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