Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.8.0 - flawed export/overwrite behavior [was: Saving in .jpg or .png hmmmmm]

On 05/18/12 19:47, Richard Gitschlag wrote:

When I filed bug #675385 about the export/overwrite distinction the
overall response was "notabug", but Michael Natterer did also comment that:

 > Michael Natterer
[GIMP developer] 2012-05-05 17:05:25 UTC
 > There is a bug in 2.8 that keeps Ctrl+E invokable even if the menu
 > entry is hidden. I fixed that in git, it will be in 2.8.1.

Unfortunately this will only exacerbate the problem -- when all you need
to do is a quick start-GIMP/import-file/minor-edit/overwrite/exit-GIMP
job, this means that your Ctrl+E will either work only once per image
session (if assigned to "file-overwrite") or not at all (if assigned to
"file-export").  In order to get both sides you'd need a third shortcut,
say, Ctrl+Alt+E, assigned to the third command.

But why should a third shortcut even be necessary in the first place?
This whole distinction between "overwrite" and "export" was
fundamentally flawed from the start; there is no reason GIMP should need
three functions to perform what are essentially only two commands:

- "Export..." - Analogous to the "Save As" command, but for non-XCF
formats.  Intended for first-time exports and other situations where you
want to export an image to a different filename.  You are prompted for a
filename and format options before it actually writes to file.
- "Overwrite" - Analogous to the "Save" command, but for non-XCF
formats.  Intended for exporting back to the original (non-XCF) file;
whether or not there was a previous export within the current session is
simply irrelevant.  If the file was neither imported nor exported, then
it will trade off to the "Export..." command (also analogous to the Save
/ Save As distinction).

Remember, at any time GIMP only displays two export options in its
menu:  The first may be called "Export to [filename]" or "Overwrite
[filename]" but regardless of whichever one is currently shown, it
performs ultimately the same function:  Exporting back to the same
non-XCF file with no questions asked.  Why does there even need to be
two different internal functions (file-export and file-overwrite) to
handle this ONE behavior?

That about sums it up for me.


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