[Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.8.0 - Saving in .jpg or .png hmmmmm

Greetings my Gimp Overlords,

I have lately tried the new and shiny Gimp 2.8.0 in anticipation of
the all the praised
greatness that was to come.

And the world was good for it seemed wonderful!

Until I tried to save my .jpg image into a .png ....

It now, hmm, forces me to store in a super awesome cool format...
called xfccxghgf
something. I mean, half the world knows the name, I just can't
remember the name.

Gimp Image Format? .gif ? Nah, that can't be it ...

Something like ...xfce xfe xfc.

Anyway. I now realize that I can't save my image like I used to be able to.

Hmm. Interesting improvement. I always wondered why I used to be able to
simply save an image. I always wanted to have someone else tell me that
the way it used to work is no longer allowed.


I have a bit of a deja vu though. It reminds me of GNOME reloaded. You know
what happened to GNOME? People called "developers" asked 100000 people
and found out that this was the new, optimal way to use GNOME. Very clever!

I am now so much better and stronger with this blue GNOME pill!

I can see that my Gimp Overlords have also decided to gnomify Gimp.

I think that was a good move. We need to treat all users as potential idiots.

We must take away the Freedom of Choice. They only make the wrong
decisions anyway. And Choice leads to complexity, by taking away the
choice, we simplify everything.

At first I really was annoyed that the gimp overlords came down and told
us that this is now the future. That I have to adapt to them and their
wise decisions.

But now I think the gimp overlords are indeed right. We MUST gnomify

Let's make more grand decisions and much needed changes.

I can already see that I am 40% faster using GIMP now! In fact, I
tell you, I already changed all my image files into this great gimp
.xfcggh format. Man, why didn't you tell me earlier that this is the
future! All my images are now sharper. And they load faster too.

Of course, in a parallel universe, we actually have some gimp
overlords who are not so self sure and decide that there shall
be no separation between users and developers instead. Bold
move of them. They surely made a mistake with that.

But the users seem happy! And the developers too, because
they can only be happy if the users are happy, in this strange
parallel universe....

So these happy guys, in that parallel universe, decide that there

They decide on, for instance:

- Keep the option to revert to the old behaviour in save dialog.
- Keep a default setting to choose in quality (the hint that the
image would lose quality could be in a status bar notification)
- Allow scripts (no, they gave up on LISP, there were too many
parens) to SIMULATE the old behaviour. Yes, that's right -
they use the save dialog, but they ENABLED a simple script
that converts into the target format of their choice. Even a
shell script would work for that - automatically save in the
.xfkhgghc format, convert into your target format, like .png,
then remove that .xfjhegkh image again. Et voila, the target
.png or .jpg was created! And the user was not annoyed at
all in any way.

Man, these guys in the parallel universe seemed SO HAPPY.

Sometimes I am jealous about these on the parallel universum,
but then I realize that the Freedom of Choice is a highly overrated
thing anyway.

I thank all gimp overlords for their wise choices and I hope
we will see many more great changes! Perhaps even a change
to modify images only when we are connected to the WWW?
Would that be to the liking of the gimp overlords?

I kid you not, but there are actually a few online editors out
there. They are a bit annoying, I suppose most of them use
Javascript - but yeah, you can crop an image at least...
resize it too... make a few other modifications...

The world would be a scary place if users could easily adjust
the behaviour of every component of their system indeed.

I also realized that according to:


I am not the target audience.

Can the gimp overlords here on this list perhaps create a "gimp for
average joe" please? You know ... a simple gimp. Where the average
joe can use it and still feel to be the target audience.

Because I for one really dont feel as the target audience.

So my question actually is:

- What other image-editor can I use on Linux?

Please, I would like the gimp overlords to recommend to all average
joes out there what we shall use from now on.

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