Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.8.0 - Saving in .jpg or .png hmmmmm

This is how things work in NIP2. (I am not holding NIP2 as a paragon
of beginner friendliness by no means. Just brainstorming, and adapting
things a bit to what I understand of GIMP.)

Open/Save have to to with loading/saving from/into the file system
(the "hard disk").

Two kinds of objects can be opened/saved: workspaces (which include
"everything", windows and all) and individual images. (In GIMP, there
may need to be a third type: XCF.)

If the focus is within the "frame" of an individual image, NIP2
understand that "Save" has to do with the image itself, and will ask
whether you want png, jpg, ... with a reasonable default.

"Elsewhere", it would make a lot of sense that "Save" default to
saving the workspace. (I've not checked because I normally use the
menu instead of keyboard shortcuts.)


Import/Export have to do with conversion using an ICC profile. By
default, NIP2 does not do this automatically, and makes reasonable but
minimal assumptions. But it does not involve the hard drive (unless
the profile needs to be taken from there).

Colourspace conversion is separate from both Open/Save and Import/Export.


Again, this is just to give an example of a system which I find
logical, and which IMHO accommodates fairly naturally both "naive
users" and "power users".

However, it does not address the fact that in GIMP there is a exposed
construct that sits between "resulting JPEG" and "the whole workspace
with windows, image loaded, some tools at the foregroung...": The XCF

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