Re: [Gimp-developer] Gimp 2.8.0 - Saving in .jpg or .png hmmmmm

>> The comparison to GNOME is interesting. That project has a long time
>> reputation of being feature Nazis. They know best and anyone who does not
>> agree is just wrong.

The job of a user interaction architect does not involve pleasing
every living creature out there. What it does involve is listening to
people, understanding what their real needs are and then designing
interactions and UI.

For years GIMP had been criticized as a project that was lacking
focus. It was trying to be everything and failed at that. Now that we
have a focus and we've changed UI to match the product vision, do you
know what's happening?

I've been monitoring teh interwebz closely regading v2.8 and the
save/export change, and what I see is a consistently positive reaction
from folks we are targeting: professional web designers, 3D artists
etc. They don't even need the explanation why this change is useful:
they already know it, it's how they expect things to work, and they
welcome this change. So within our product vision apparently we are
doing it right.

Yes, someone somewhere will always disagree. And you know what? They
have a choice, be it Cinnamon instead of GNOME, or Krita instead of
GIMP. This is why we like other projects so much: when some people
disagree with what we do, we can tell them -- hey, here is a nice app
you might like trying instead of GIMP.

Whether you see this choice is entirely up to you.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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