Re: [Gimp-developer] Feature request: Improve the Open file dialog thumbnails

Am 18.05.12 09:33, schrieb Ryan Johnson:

Hi Ryan,

I checked your complaints with GIMP 2.8 with the following results:
1. Raise the file size limit for autogeneration of thumbnails.
Many of my JPEGs are just slightly over 3 MB or whatever the small current limit is. Many of my RAW NEF files are just /under/ 10 MB, at a resolution of 10.2 Megapixels. Many dSLR's exceed my camera's resolution, so my recommended upper limit is 20 MB, but doing a progressive scan (priority queue) would work best. Start out with anything under 5 MB, then 10, then 20 MB, so it is a rough priority queue, instead of a fine-grain one.
There is a solution for you in the preferences dialog. Goto Edit/Preferences/Environment pane. In the middle of the right side you will find the option 'Maximum filesizes for thumbnailing'. That's your friend.

2. Allow users to multiselect files and explicitly batch-generate thumbnails (just clicking on the thumbnail placeholder with multiple images selected should initiate the process).
Have you already tried this? I just did: multiselected files in the list of the 'open file' dialog, clicked on 'Click to create preview' in the right pane - and GIMP just created thumbnails for the selected files. Cool, isn't it? ;-)

Alexandre wrote:
3. Use the native "Open file" dialog.

Bigger Goal:
Improve the "Open file" dialog to include other viewing modes besides a
detail list. It's a graphics program after all! Appeal to the senses!
are mutually exclusive on Windows.

I wouldn't say that. On Windows 7 the native 'open file' dialog contains different views: list, details, symbols in various sizes, tiles. Symbols and tiles contain a preview of every file. IIRC it was similar with Windows XP. I think, that's what the OP wants. IMHO using native dialogs has one mantrap: they need to be checked first whether they can fulfill all requirements of the application, like a thumbnail preview. Not every platform may offer all necessary possibilities and keeping track of this could be a hard work. I like the way of the Mac version: there's a 'Show in Finder' menu item in the file dialog, which will start the platforms file manager.

Best regards,


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