Re: [Gimp-developer] Feature request: Improve the Open file dialog thumbnails

On 18.05.2012 09:33, Ryan Johnson wrote:
I've been using GIMP to play around with some lighting, color, and GEGL
operations on images.
What I've noticed is that the "Open file" dialog is very poorly
constructed and it has become a problem. I'm using Win7 x64.
Nicely put, it's unintuitive.

These are suggested fixes, and you can choose more than one if it permits.

1. Raise the file size limit for autogeneration of thumbnails.

This is in GIMP's preferences, so a different default would be easy to do,

2. Allow users to multiselect files and explicitly batch-generate
thumbnails (just clicking on the thumbnail placeholder with multiple
images selected should initiate the process).

this is already possible,

3. Use the native "Open file" dialog.

and no, just no.

Before ever doing that, GIMP should switch to an "if you need better file handling, then use your platform's file manager and open images from there" approach and ditch the file open dialog completely.
I wouldn't be surprised if this was a GNOME user interaction goal, either.

I'm using Windows, and I open most file in any program either through their MRU list or via a Windows Explorer window, because all of the file open dialogs are awkward.


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