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I completed the "How to port" section in the wiki.

I have a suggestion, what about using a Git based wiki like Gollum ( to host the UI specifications ? This is the wiki system used on Github. It works the same as a classic wiki, but all the data are stored in a Git repository. It would allow:
- Still easily usable by non-developers
- Facilitate the interaction with the developer team, by having change on the wiki reported in real time in the IRC channel.
- People can propose patch for the spec without need to have an account.
- Gollum understand the Mediawiki syntax, so the migration should not be too difficult (I never used Gollum though)
- UI designer can use website like to track their work and get a more visible recognition.

My 2 cents.

2012/5/13 peter sikking <peter mmiworks net>
yahvuu wrote:

> some food for thought from the mozilla folks who have a proud track record of successful open design:

I am not that familiar with the mozilla processes (although do I
know the guys from the agency Silver Orange who are/were simply
contracted to design mozilla software, all of it).

‘proud track record of successful open design’

that is quite a claim. anywhere visible on the net how that works?

I looked carefully at the 3 links you sent.

> bugzilla keywords like 'uiwanted' may be useful. Complete list available here:

yes, already thinking how the new process will integrate with
bugzilla is useful. however I want to avoid that things
needing UI design become a blocking state in bugzilla.
I can only call this open design in this way:
Sebastiaan de With designed a new logo for Ubiquity.
he did this in the open. they got a lot of ideas and feedback.
then Sebastiaan did all the heavy design work.

this is how interaction has been designed up to now in GIMP.
for instance: save + export. in the open, loads of feedback
(that made it significantly better) and I did all the heavy
design work.

what I am trying now is to get beyond that. new, fresh contributors
that can contribute a snippet (or more) of interaction design
without demanding that they are actually interaction designers,
or follow established interaction design processes.


       founder + principal interaction architect
           man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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