Re: [Gimp-developer] Translating GIMP from GIMP master (is wrong)

On 12-05-12 05:03 PM, Kevin Cozens wrote:
On 12-05-09 05:30 AM, Gabor Kelemen wrote:
Seems like a recent change in intltool causes this, which makes the scheme
string extraction done by xgettext instead of intltools built-in and dropped

I forgot to add some information.

There was some discussion about modifying the Script-Fu scripts to conform to the (Guile) supported method of markup. My initial feeling was that it would not be that difficult to change the interpreter to support the method but I also suspect that the change in syntax in the scripts will lead to problems.

I'm busy with an online course for another three weeks or so which limits the time I have to spend working on making the changes and seeing if it would break the scripts. My concern is for markup of strings in register blocks.


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