Re: [Gimp-developer] Translating GIMP from GIMP master (is wrong)

On 12-05-08 04:42 PM, Cristian Secară wrote:
What is the status of the script-fu translation for 2.8 ? Right now
the .pot file is the 61 strings version and so the files for all
languages follow the truncated version.

I don't know why you are only seeing 21 strings. I just checked out the 2.8 branch and see there are 62 "msgid" entries in the file po-script-fu/ro.po with an additional 540 entries commented out. The en_CA.po file has 627 entries. The Romain po file may be missing some entries if a git master was used to update the .po file for 2.8 but that still seems a bit odd as the strings in the Script-Fu scripts shouldn't have changed much to cause this problem.


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