Re: [Gimp-developer] contribution processes...

first, thanks to Guillermo for the insight and the encouraging words.

then, Alexandre wrote:

> "has to be easy to review and apply by the maintainer(s);" -- let's
> just call it Git formatted and made against a rebased clone of the
> master branch, shall we?

actually that sentence about "easy to review and apply by the
maintainer(s)" was said exactly like that in the bof at lgm.
so I thought I included it, there must be an open source point in it.

the whole git business is of course a very detailed implementation
of that.

> On the whole, I agree with this first stab and would like to move this
> description (once finished) to :)

be my guest. you can even add the git bit.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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