Re: [Gimp-developer] wilber in the toolbar

gfxuser wrote:

> peter sikking wrote:
>> well, usability is a lot more than ‘what can do people find out
>> in the first 5 minutes’ (ease of learning). GIMP is designed
>> for other goals: speed of use, the freedom to create, etc.
> can you explain this in more detail, please? I'm honestly interested and like to understand the backgrounds of the GIMP UI discussions a bit more.

your question is general enough that the answer could grow
textbook size. narrowing it down could give am chance to
answer it.

meanwhile, I did find an old blog post that may go into what
you want to know:


(watch out that the top-10 list that it segues into is
heavily outdated and superseded; not useful to start discussions
about that anymore)


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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