Re: [Gimp-developer] wilber in the toolbar

Alexandre Prokoudine wrote:
I can't see how the logo is a hint that things can be dropped on
it. It looks more like a branding element.
That's my impression, too. Maybe it's dedicated to those, who forgot that they're currently using GIMP Of course they can also be reminded of this by a repeatedly popping up message 'You're using GIMP!' with a xeyed GIMP logo, for those who like it

2) You absolutely don't need the logo to drop things top open. The
whole toolbox's area works that way.
Nice news! I didn't know this.

Another space saving solution: the 'Images' dialog could be made a drag
and drop target
It was never even avalable by default, and it's not something people
use a lot, as far as I can tell. Im not sure that making it a target
will work.

I use the docked image dialog a lot as a vertical space saving alternative to the 'Show image selection' listbox. IMO it would be useful to even more people with the suggestions I wrote.

Best regards,

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