Re: [Gimp-developer] [Demo] Porting MyPaint brush engines to the GIMP.

2012/5/1 gfxuser <gfx user online de>:
> Hi,
>> It's not about the settings of the brush itself, it's about reusing
>> brushes and their corresponding settings. For example: I use a knife to add
>> color to a painting, then i use a knife without color to refine details and
>> then i use the knife with color again. Switching between the two brushes can
>> be done in MyPaint with one click or hotkey. But what will you do in Gimp?
> have you heard of GIMPs already existing abilities to save and load presets?
> They are in version 2.6.12, but they have already been for longer time in
> You find them at the bottom of each tools' window, like the brush dialog.
> There are disc icons to save, load, delete and reset tool presets. The
> stored settings contain the particular tool settings as well as the color. I
> just tried it out. Also the small triangle icon in the upper right corner of
> the tools dialogs offers these abilities.
> There are also many ready-to-use tool presets and brushes for instance at
> which can be very useful.

The solution is not so simple. Tool presets works fine until 2.6
series when all brush
dynamics are implemented as a tool options, but since the introduce of
you cannot remember and restore all of the presets by tool presets.

For example, assume tool-preset-A and tool-preset-B are sharing same dynamics-A.
When you choose tool-preset-A, dynamics-A is selected as its dynamics, then
change the value in dynamics-A, and save it. The operation lead to the
change of
behavior of tool-preset-B because it also uses dynamics-A.

So, to avoid the confusion, you should separate the dynamics  used by
from one used by tool-preset-B. and when you define the new tool
preset, you should
also define the new dynamics too.

I was very annoyed by the complicated tool preset management, and that
is one of
the biggest reason to abandon the current dynamics implementation and introduce
the MyPaint brushlib into the GIMP.

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