Re: [Gimp-developer] [Demo] Porting MyPaint brush engines to the GIMP.

Am 01.05.2012 11:25, schrieb David Gowers (kampu):

I also don't think GIMP's brush interface is perfect. It's a lot better
than it used to be, but it's still not very streamlined.
Yes, they both suffer from the difficulty of providing ready access to
all those different curves. Even though the MyPaint approach of
showing all the curves for an output at once is greedy of screen
space, I find it more usable than GIMP's one-curve-at-once approach.
In MyPaint you don't need to access the advanced brush editor very often. You have a lot of good presets and all you need to do is to adjust two or three settings, which have hotkeys and are easy to reach. For the user it means that he doesn't have to bother much about all this amount of settings. If wanted, then he can fine tune them, otherwise the provided brushes are already very sufficient for most tasks.

In Gimp on the other hand you don't have such presets and you start every time from scratch to design the brush again and again that you used previously. An excellent way to kill time without progress and desired result. :-(

It's not about the settings of the brush itself, it's about reusing brushes and their corresponding settings. For example: I use a knife to add color to a painting, then i use a knife without color to refine details and then i use the knife with color again. Switching between the two brushes can be done in MyPaint with one click or hotkey. But what will you do in Gimp?
It's for sure true that painting in GIMP is slower than it used to be.
Clearing the Undo History every now and then gives a dramatic speedup,
at least with the older 2.7 preview I'm using, and profiling suggests
there's an O(n^2) list insertion going on, although it's hard to
understand why that shouldn't be a matter of microseconds, not a
noticeable fraction of a second.
Yes, GIMP is definitely weak compared to MyPaint WRT both painting
performance and painting quality/ expressiveness.
So sad, but true.
The gimp brush outline rendering-in-the-idle-loop also makes painting
_feel_ much slower than it is.
I'd still like it if we could get some kind of very simplified outline
drawing. (say, 8 points -- the most distant pixels from the center
where alpha>  threshold, along each of the right angles and 45degree
diagonals). Then, we could use the simplified version during drawing,
and the full version during 'hovering' (before the button is
Good idea. That the brush circle is so sloppy really irritates from drawing, not seeing where you really are.
I remember dealing with this in the past in another application by
discarding motion events if the pointer got too far behind. It meant
that the drawing became less accurate, but once the pointer outline
isn't where you're drawing, there's no accuracy in any case.
.. Is that really true? (eg. with a tablet)
It will be delayed, but the curve will contain all dots. The main problem for painting is performance. If it isn't very responsive then you don't have a good feeling what is going on. Especially with a tablet.

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