Re: [Gimp-developer] GSoC - 2012 - Implement the combined selection tool


>> I suggest we do the same as for the 2011 student work:
>> <>
>> the work was taken further by my design team in a 3-day design sprint:
>> <>

> The 2010's Voralberg's research is about combining four selection tools 
> (fuzzy select, select by color, intelligent  scrissors and foreground selection). 
> The suggestion from Peter Sikking was to do as the 2011 student's  have 
> done. This research is about iWarp tool. I've read also this research, and 
> also studied the work of the design team.

No I suggested that the same procedure is followed, not the same
project content.

That means: if the SoC work goes forward on the combined four selection
tools, my team does a design sprint, taking the design of the combined
four selection tools forward. this would be a solid basis to for you
to work from.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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