[Gimp-developer] GSoC - 2012 - Implement the combined selection tool


    My name is Robert Sasu and I study Computer Science at Polytechnic
University of Bucharest, Romania. I had participated to GSoC 2011 at your 
organization on the project Porting Gimp plug-ins to GEGL.
Here is a link to my showcase and code:
    I would like to participate to GSoC 2012 and I found the Implement the combined
selection tool project interesting. I have strong background in C/C++ and C# programming,
algorithms and I have also done some projects with image filtering. I really like 
mathematics:I recently participated to SEEMOUS(seemous.eu) and I earned a silver medal. 
I compiled the recent Gimp from Git. I've read about the research made by Voralberg students
in 2010, as suggested, and I am really interested on making a new and nice UI for some tools.
    I would like to now how important is this project for you and what your requirements 
and expectations from the students applying? Who would be the potential mentor for
this project? I would also like to get some basic ideas, if its possible, of what exactly
want you to make out of this project. If it is up to make the whole, then I my suggestion
would be to make something like the 3rd group made (from the research). There is a great
trend to use that kind of implementation in a lot of new applications.
   It would be good to set this kind of implementation for all the plug-ins/tools in GIMP
by implementing this tool in a general way. After that we could make up groups of  common tools
and make a new UI for GIMP, which would look more like nowadays applications(big buttons for
combined tools and options to simplify the user's life).

    Thank you,
    Robert Sasu

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