Re: [Gimp-developer] GSoC - 2012 - Implement the combined selection tool

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 12:22 PM, peter sikking <peter mmiworks net> wrote:

I suggest we do the same as for the 2011 student work:


the work was taken further by my design team in a 3-day design sprint:


in that short time and short spec, the main problems are solved,
some very advanced design goals are met, the general design of the
tool is done and as a solution it has gelled.

with that there are no more surprises what direction the
technical design and implementation should take.

about the 2010 student work: yes, the integration of same-ish
selection tools was exactly my brief.

The 2010's Voralberg's research is about combining four selection tools 
(fuzzy select, select by color, intelligent  scrissors and foreground selection). 
The suggestion from Peter Sikking was to do as the 2011 student's  have 
done. This research is about iWarp tool. I've read also this research, and 
also studied the work of the design team.
Futhermore Alexandrine issued to get rid of SIOX tool and to choose between
Jan's  project and the GSoC project on SIOX tool.

My question would be do you want all the aformentioned tools to combine 
into one, or to integrate a same-ish selection tools and a the warp tool 
conform the specifications you mentioned?

If you want a general tool, then I would suggest to combine the idea of 
the same-ish selection tool (2010's research of Voralberg students), with
the work done by your design team.

How important is this project for this year's GSoC?
Are there tasks for me to do in this period, what should I learn, is there
some research to be done ?

ps. I saw the list of the needed GEGL ops on the Ideas page. Last year 
I have implemented coloar-to-alpha and rotate-colors ops in GEGL.

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