Re: [Gimp-developer] GSoC - 2012 - Implement the combined selection tool

Robert Sasu wrote:

> I would like to participate to GSoC 2012 and I found the Implement the combined selection tool project interesting.

> I've read about the research made by Voralberg students in 2010, as suggested, and I am really interested on making a new and nice UI for some tools.

I suggest we do the same as for the 2011 student work:


the work was taken further by my design team in a 3-day design sprint:


in that short time and short spec, the main problems are solved,
some very advanced design goals are met, the general design of the
tool is done and as a solution it has gelled.

with that there are no more surprises what direction the
technical design and implementation should take.

about the 2010 student work: yes, the integration of same-ish
selection tools was exactly my brief. the difference between
my class and the design sprint is that in the former there is
lot of freedom, and in the sprint there are these advanced design
goals. this is because GIMP is not a toy, it is serious software
production. also it would be to overwhelming to ask the students
to meet the advanced goals.

I do not expect things like gestures or pie menus to make it
through the design sprint, simply because of higher standards.

Last, one bit of risk in this project is the future of the
SIOX tool. I heard rumours about a replacement. there needs
to be a decision by the GIMP team about that before the
design sprint starts.


        founder + principal interaction architect
            man + machine interface works on interaction architecture

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