[Gimp-developer] GIMP is accepted to Goolge Summer of Code again!

Hello everybody!

I have awesome news - we have been accepted as mentoring organization
in GSoC. So now it's time for student's to come forth seeking willing
mentors and suggesting interesting projects and for all established
contributors to consider taking on a student for this summer. Primary
discussion venue for us is the irc://irc.gimp.org/#gimp IRC channel,
tho students may be asked to post a summary of their project proposal
here as well.

An ideal student/mentor match is one where both student an the mentor
have a deep interest in the project at hand and the mentor is well
aware of who does what within the community and has the time to
integrate the student.

Ideal project/student match is one where student has the technical
competence to complete. Assessing this ability is up to mentors during
the decision period. In general, we expect students to have set up
their development environment and at least taken a cursory look at the
code before applying. People who have contributed accepted bug-fix
patches beforehand are ranked above those who haven't.

GSoC page: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/org/google/gsoc2012/gimp

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