[Gimp-developer] Developer motivation and user interactions - Re: Bring back normal handling of other file formats

On 21 June 2012 12:59, Monty Montgomery <xiphmont gmail com> wrote:
>> In fact it kills the motivation of developers who are
>> putting sizable parts of their life into creating, maintaining and
>> improving GIMP. When you kill motivation in volunteer-driven project,
>> you are not just destroying someones hobby - the project will
>> eventually stagnate, wither and die.
> Oh for fuck's sake.
> I was happy to hold my tongue until this.  The developers are
> *victims* of users being unhappy with a design decision?

Ok, that part of my post must not have come across the way I intended
at all. At all.

My intent was to say that a volunteer project is driven mostly by the
motivation of the contributors, and that the feedback from users can
be a major driver in this. I believe that focusing on the things that
can be improved is usually more beneficial to motivation than to get
stuck in particular decisions that have been made (in the best of
intents). It is great that people care, I just would like to see that
energy have a more positive outlet.

I realize now that my statement above contributed negatively, not
positively. I apologize for that. I should have just said: Please
write a description of your typical workflow (as a whole) when making
an argument. Then we can find the things that can be improved
together. And hopefully someone will be motivated to pick that up.

Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com

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