Re: [Gimp-developer] Developer motivation and user interactions - Re: Bring back normal handling of other file formats

> My intent was to say that a volunteer project is driven mostly by the
> motivation of the contributors, and that the feedback from users can
> be a major driver in this.

Yes.  I assume the developers have strong feedback from users who do
like the change.  Here, though, we're hearing from users who do not
like the change.

> I believe that focusing on the things that
> can be improved is usually more beneficial to motivation than to get
> stuck in particular decisions that have been made (in the best of
> intents).

The developers have stated in no uncertain terms that they're not
changing their minds.

The problem begins with the further statement that everyone who
disagrees with them is simply motivated by laziness and refusal to
abandon 'bad habits'.  As I said before... you're dripping arbitrary
dogma on my workflow. Some users are in fact unhappy about that.

> Please
> write a description of your typical workflow (as a whole) when making
> an argument. Then we can find the things that can be improved
> together. And hopefully someone will be motivated to pick that up.

That's how the discussion started.  The response was 'no one is
forcing you to use the Gimp.'

So... this discussion either continues to no avail, dies with bad
blood (as more than a few participants on both sides have dispensed
with any lip service to diplomacy), or we fork.  I don't see a fork
over this being particularly productive, unless it's only used as a
temporary ballot box.


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