[Gimp-developer] Exported options via PDB, and a possible bug.


I'm attempting to access the image's export options via PDB or python,
but can't seem to locate them.

For example in 2.8:
1. Export, JPEG, Choose quality of '85'.
2. Next 'Export' saves quality of '85'

Is there any way from the PDB/console to access either:
 - the second 'Export' function?
 - or the saved option '85' for quality?

Now, on to the possible bug ;)

Test file: JPEG with quality setting of 88.

In 2.6.11:
File->Open JPEG
File->Save As JPEG
Options dialog presents quality slider at previous setting of 88

In 2.8.0
File->Open JPEG
File->Export JPEG
Options dialog presents quality slider at default setting of 90

I'm pretty sure there was a bug in the 2.8.0 release that prevented
loading/saving the default export options, but it appear this behavior
is something else.  I'm compiling master now but can anyone confirm?


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