Re: [Gimp-developer] the Gimp lcms.c plug-in

On Tuesday, July 24, 2012, 23:37:16, Elle Stone wrote:

> In particular, by what process does Gimp get patched to use lcms2? ( I
> kinda doubt that the Gimp developers are going to let Elle Stone patch
> Gimp, as the chances are very great that Elle Stone would break Gimp
> in the process.)

If you started by checking out the source from git, just run
  git diff > lcms2.patch

If you instead used the source tarball, it's a bit more work.

If you only changed a single file, the simplest way to create a patch
is to get the copy of original file, put it in the same directory as
the changed file with a different extension (eg. file.c.orig), then
create a patch like this:

  diff -u file.c.orig file.c > lcms2.patch

If you modified several files, it's slightly more involved: you will
need a clean source tree (from the source tarball), and your patched
version, each in it's own subdirectory. You should run make distclean
in your tree (if you compiled from it), to ensure that none of the
files that get generated during build are left behind. Assuming the
clean tree is in gimp-2.8.0.orig/, and your patched version is in
gimp-2.8.0/, you create the patch with:

  diff -Naur gimp-2.8.0.orig gimp-2.8.0 > lcms2.patch

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