Re: [Gimp-developer] the Gimp lcms.c plug-in

On 24.07.2012 17:47, Elle Stone wrote:

Just an update. I rewrote the existing Gimp lcms.c plug-in to use
lcm2. It seems to work just like the current Gimp plug-in. If anyone
is interested in testing it, I can supply the code.

Also, has anyone seen this Ubuntu bug report?
Completely replace lcms1 by lcms2 in Ubuntu

Hi Elle,

there are two bug reports in Bugzilla about changes in GIMP related to lcms2:

This one introduces lcms2 to get support for ICC V4 profiles:

That one has been created to move everything to lcms2 to counter some performance problems:

I'm not sure if you are aware of them. Both have patches attached, and you should check if any of them - in particular the latter - is a duplication of your efforts.


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