Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 Feature Request (2)

2012/1/26 Miles Bader <miles gnu org>:
> Martin Nordholts <enselic gmail com> writes:
>> If you rarely use the XCF format you are not part of the target user
>> group. The separation of save and export is for users that do complex
>> compositions in XCF and export every now and then.
> This seems like a completely bizarre statement.
> Who exactly is git being "targetted" at?!
> 'cause the above doesn't seem to include much of its current user-base
> -- the Gimp is the default image editor for many, many, systems, and I
> wouldn't be surprised if 95% of Gimp users don't even know what XCF is,
> much less actually use it...

GIMP should not be the default image editor (which Ubuntu realized
long ago [1]), because GIMP does not aim to be a JPEG touch-up
application, but a high-end photo manipulation application. If GIMP
tries to be both an easy to use JPEG touch-up application and a
high-end photo manipulation application at the same time, it will
never become a great application, just as a car can never be a great
car if it tries to be both a Ferrari and a Jeep at the same time.

We could have chosen to direct GIMP towards becoming a great JPEG
touch-up application, but there are several good ones in existence
already, and to be honest it is quite a boring app to develop, so we
went for focusing on creating a high-end photo manipulation
application instead.

/ Martin



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