Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 Feature Request (2)

2012/1/6 Cristian Secară <liste secarica ro>:
> There is only one thing I do not understand, that the shortcut Ctrl+E
> appears to do the same as Shift+Ctrl+E, and the shortcut in File menu
> is Shift +Ctrl +E. Why not just Ctrl+E ? (or what makes Ctrl+E ?)

Ctrl+E acts like Ctrl+S but for export. If you never exported and
press Ctrl+E, "Export..." will be invoked. Just like if you never
saved, Ctrl+S will invoke "Save as...". If you have already exported
the image, Ctrl+E will re-export the image whereas Ctrl+Shift+E will
always "Export...". Just like if you have already saved the image,
Ctrl+S will re-save the image whereas Ctrl+Shift+S will always "Save

/ Martin


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