[Gimp-developer] RFE: single window mode: always show tab

Hello there,

I'm plugging in here a discussion started on the bug tracker, see

Martin, I understand your point about making the default behaviour the
right one without an option. Let me explain what's wrong to the current
way tabs are managed, IMHO.

See the current two situations with tabs in Gimp 2.7:
1) you have only one image opened. No tab is shown.
2) you have two or more images opened, several tabs are shown.

I'm not asking why no tab is shown in situation 1), this is pretty

Switching from situation 1) to 2) inserts what we can call a tab bar
(tab widgets) and stretches down the image view to a narrower size.
What the user sees is a clunky, chaning UI layer, widgets are inserted
(might flicker a bit) and the global working area is rearranged -
possible without respect to the visual arrangements made by the user.

Now switching from situation 2) to 1): same notes as above. Plus: if
you were closing another tab but the current one, the current view will
be resized (stretched up), what you now see is not what you were seeing
before closing that other tab. This is even more sensible when the
image fills the window.

IMO all this is not friendly, I dislike flickering and self-rearranging
stuff, and most of all: it makes me feel that the visual working area
is *unstable* and not respecting my view settings.

I know other applications (firefox, galeon) who made that behaviour
optional, allowing to always see a tab even if only one tab is opened.

I hope I've explained more clearly.. :-).


> --- Comment #1 from Martin Nordholts <enselic gmail com> 2012-01-04 05:26:47 UTC ---
> Hi and thanks for the feedback! Adding an option for this would be way more
> annoying than the current behavior. GIMP should simply do the right thing by
> default. GIMP should work for the user, not vice versa (which would be the case
> if an option was needed so that a human could tell GIMP how to behave sanely).
> Exactly what problem is it that you see? That's a discussion for the
> gimp-developer mailing list though, not a bug tracker.


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