Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 Feature Request (2)

2012/1/4 Alexia Death <alexiadeath gmail com>:
> There's one nag I wish was fixed with export. It should
> default to input format for imported files. It's buggersome annoying
> that it defaults to png.

guiguru intentionally left that out in the spec
and I think it was to support this workflow:

"I am a user that always wants to export in .jpg. I use a lot of
different source material, so the images I start out with can be of
different formats. If I start with a .tiff, I still want GIMP to
default to .jpg when I export the composition based on that file
since.jpg was the format I exported to the last 10 times".

Note that if you export a single file to a non-PNG format, GIMP will
default to that format on any export you do afterwards. In other
words, you can easily change the default export format *

* Except that this is not remembered across restarts yet. That's not
hard to fix though, it's just that we need to get 2.8 out first.......

/ Martin


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