Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 Feature Request (2)

2012/1/4 Jay Smith <jay jaysmith com>:
> Please clarify so that I can understand if I am "supposed to" stop using
> Gimp and find something else going forward (because Gimp will be narrowly
> focused on one "target user group").
> I am not in the "target user group".  Where does Martin suggest I go? (Wait,
> don't answer that!)
> I read Martin's statement as saying that Gimp is NOT intended for production
> workflows outside of a narrow definition, that being "users that do complex
> compositions in XCF and export every now and then."

Like has been pointed out all ready, you should just read it as "since
you are not part of the target user group, you can not expect GIMP to
be optimized for your workflow". However, since your workflow is
secondary, we have done some optimizations for you as well. (See

> Our workflow is:  Using VueScan Professional (independent of Gimp) to scan a
> high volume of TIFF images.  Open each image in Gimp to tweak color,
> sharpness, rotation, and crop to desired size.  Save as TIFF and close.

1. Open a .tiff file
2. Tweak it
3. File -> Overwrite 'yourfile.tiff'

/ Martin


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