Re: [Gimp-developer] GIMP 2.8 Feature Request (2)

On Wed, Jan 4, 2012 at 9:21 AM, Jay Smith <jay jaysmith com> wrote:
> Not having seen the new model (I am in production, not development; there is
> no time or capability to be examining and testing non-stable versions), it
> sounds like it is going to create a lot more work for us and create a LOT of
> trash files.  We tend to "save" a lot during the editing process and if that
> is going to create XCF files (since we started by opening TIFF files), then
> I am going to have to run a nightly housekeeping script to delete all XCF
> files in the working directory structure.

A simple cron job - 'find' with date and filename tests - would do the
trick, and might be quicker to write than a plug-in.  Also, for a
short time you'd be able to go back and re-edit the XCF if needed, and
retain any extras - masks, layers, etc not present in the TIFF.  It
might even be a time *saver* if you think about it that way.

Or writing a simple plugin to save the current file as TIFF,
overwriting the original, with a fixed set of options should not take
8 hours.  I'd guess an hour, or maybe two at the outside.

But I don't have the free time myself - as a matter of fact, I should
get back to work right now instead of reading mailing lists ;)


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