Re: [Gimp-developer] What about switching from Gtk+ to Qt

On Mon, 2012-08-06 at 13:42 -0400, Kevin Cozens wrote:
> On 12-08-06 04:56 AM, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> > Now my page ( ) gives many
> > valid reasons why CMake is superior and GNU Autotools
> > is inferior, and as a result concludes it is valid to nickname Autotools "Autohell"
> > as a derogatory name, just based on their own deficiencies.
> Some good information on that web page, Shlomi. One comment about the page. 
> It has a heading of "Disadvantages of GNU Autotools" but the points below 
> start by mentioning an advantage of CMake instead of a disadvantage of the 
> Autotools.
> One advantage of CMake you didn't list is how it can do builds to a 
> sub-directory of the source tree. I found this helpful when building a 
> standard version of Blender and an experimental version with some added 
> options without having to copy the entire source tree to a separate 
> directory to do the two builds.

You can do that with autofoo as well, by calling the configure script
from the sub-directory:

mkdir foo
pushd foo
../configure ...
make ...

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