[Gimp-developer] AMD Partnership for OpenCL in GEGL and GIMP

Hello everyone, I'm Victor Oliveira and I was the Google Summer of Code student who implemented OpenCL support to GEGL, Joao S. Bueno was my mentor in the project.
My GSoC project was very interesting and there is a lot else to do in order to have good performance in GEGL with OpenCL.

At the same time, I've been contacted by AMD and they are very interested in OpenCL adoption by the Open-Source community and want to help me to continue this
project. So, I'll be continuing it as a contractor for AMD in the next few months. Of course, all code will be Open-Source. In fact, I've been developing it in my
Gegl branch:


We intend to have it working for real by March at most. So what I'd like to know is if it's possible to include this Gegl in the next stable release of GIMP after that?
Also, there would be a problem if I generate Windows and Linux builds and have them in GIMP site as some "experimental" download?

Thanks a lot.
Victor Oliveira

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