[Gimp-developer] (was: suggestion for new versions of GIMP) suggestion for a better explanation of the way to address various graphic problems with GIMP

On Mon, Nov 28, 2011 at 03:13:35AM -0300, gespertino gmail com wrote:
> The last one, I promess!
> P.s.: It was worth it, indeed. ;-)

May I ask you (two) a favor?

Since the entire OT thread turned out to be soooooo intresting to me (do
not know if anyone other agree here, IMHO many...) is there a chance to
see this topic described well as a FAQ entry or (better) somewherelse,
in a wiki, in the GIMP manual, elsewhere?

I mean:

 - some description of the problem
 - some examples of solutions (more of one with more of one "problem"
   - for the web only
   - for the press only
   - for cross-media
   - etc.
 - explanation of terms / methods 
    - early, intermediate, late binding
    - gamut of the outputs
    - color profiles and _real_ life use of them
    - etc.
 - GIMP workflows examples
 - GIMP tools to use with the workflows
 - conclusion and future perspective

IMHO a GIMP wiki would be best to address this...

in the hope of being sufficiently clear...

Thanks in advance!


Marco Ciampa

| Linux User  #78271 |
| FSFE fellow   #364 |

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