Re: [gedit-list] showing hidden files on open - no context menu available

Ronald Fischer wrote:
On Mon, 08 Feb 2010 16:36 +0100, "Jesse van den Kieboom"
<jessevdk gnome org> wrote:
Oops, I meant about 7 years ago. It's really quite old.

I don't have admin privileges on that system. Do you know whether it is
feasible to install a more recent version of gedit locally? I guess it
must be a statically linked executable, otherwise it would clash with
the installed gtk version.
You could, and it could be dynamically linked. However, this means installing almost all of the software stack locally, and that will be one big hassle. I would certainly not recommend that.

I found the file where these settings are kept on my system:


However, this is probably not really available for your version (you can always check of course)


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