[gedit-list] A few comments


This is regarding gEdit for Windows, version 2.28.0-1.
- on my dual screen system, the editor does not open up where I had it placed last, on the second screen (even Notepad does that), but instead on the first screen
- the editor seems to have problems selecting entire "words" that are made up of letters and numbers, e.g. "abc12de3f" - double-clicking selects either the letters or the numbers, but not the entire word (triple-clicking selects the entire row, so that is not the answer either); again, that is something Notepad does not seem to have a problem with
- it would be nice if there was an option to load all files on startup that were open when the editor was closed
- upon startup, the editor tells me that there is a newer version available but when I click on Download I get an error ("there was an error displaying the url")

Thanks for porting the editor!

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